texas rock fest 2012. 11:30 p.m. march 16th, 2012.

It’s almost that time of year again and we are going bigger than any south by ever… screw that… any show ever. This is Texas after all, bigger is better right? Right!

Come see us play at Texas Rockfest (7th & Neches) on March 16th, right after Alpha Rev at 11:30. It’s free and no wristbands are required. Oh, and bring an extra face, because we plan on keeping the ones we rock off as trophies.


art versus industry

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Concert photos

All photographs were taken by Josh Summitt.

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We want to know, is anyone listening? New song teaser! 

7 09.05.11

VivoGig Podcast!

Click on the link above to ask us any question in our upcoming interview with Vivogig! 

(or click here: http://www.vivogig.com/bands/artvsindustry)

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Play God
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Movement I
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Art Versus Industry
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Happy Valentine’s Day. 


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